1. Post I did for Pro-Ject on the Stash “Sprayed In Full” show at The Seventh Letter:


    This past Saturday evening, NYC icon Stash had his “Sprayed In Full” opening at The Seventh Letter Gallery in Los Angeles, done in conjunction with Reebok. Among other accomplishments, Stash essentially spearheaded the birth of Streetwear in the early 90s, when (along with Futura2000) Stash made the “Phillies Blunt” t-shirts. From that era through today, Stash has laid down many of the bricks that make up the foundation of the graphic apparel, sneaker and street wear movements.

    A pioneer of collaboration, Stash has done deals with Gravis, Burton, Lacoste, Vans, Nike, and now Reebok. At his former “Recon” brand/Manhattan Store, the Sneaker Culture had a home where limited edition Nikes flew on-and-off the shelves at a furious pace, and the phenomenon of a line around the corner for a pair of kicks, t-shirt or cap was born.

    See the photos from the “Sprayed In Full” exhibit above. The show will be up until April 12th. Seventh Letter is located at 346 North Fairfax Ave Los Angeles, CA

    For more info on Stash’s collabs sneaker-wise, click here.

    Read about the “NY Brand Underground” via The New York Times

  2. eventjoeproject:

    The Cons Project has invaded Los Angeles. DTLA to be exact. Taking over a massive space on Main Street, Converse Footwear is decking out the whole place in “Cons Project” inspired art, and hosting workshops for LA youth, showing them how to make art, prints and music videos. All this leading up to the big event on Saturday, which will feature Run The Jewels (El-P and Killer Mike) and others.

    On Saturday, Pro-Ject made a visit, and grabbed some photos of the “project”. The space was abuzz with music videos being made by and with young’uns, t-shirts printed, and buttons and other art pieces created. We are in full support of anything that involves the education of the youth by #Influencers

    On Sunday, they let the skaters loose on the space with ramps etc. Who knows what else will take place this week…

  3. Sherpa Vans Slip-Ons!

    Via Sneaker Files


  4. My People! Excited for them to re-emerge.

    Recon Logo


    F.O.K.U.S. is hyped that RECON will be relaunching. They sponsored one of our first STOOPs and they came back out to give a limited t-shirt giveaway during THE STOOP 2011. We are hyped and can’t wait til that clock finishes its countdown.

    (Source: fokusart)