1. Tears like you’ve never seen them before »>


    The #influence of Science, Art and Tears ~>

    Photographer/artist Rose-Lynn Fisher took pictures of different kind of tears under a microscope, to see how they would differ in appearance. To her wonderment, different kinds of tears (produced for different reasons) each looked completely different.

    This gave birth to Rose’s wondrous project called "The Topography Of Tears".

    In the above pictures, we have:

    1. Tears of laughing till you’re crying

    2. Tears of change

    3. Tears from cutting an onion

    4. Tears of timeless reunion

    5. Basal tears (the kind our bodies produce to lubricate our eyes)

  2. Artings: Leapfrog The Rainbow:


    The #Influence of Photography ~>

    A photograph can capture soul, emotion, feeling, and loads more. A proper photograph tells a complex story.

    NYC street photographer Matt Weber and the other subjects of the forthcoming “More Than The Rainbow” film are looking for that perfect combination of elements that all work together to make up that complete image that has just a little bit more than what you’re “shooting” for.

  4. This is too much. I need an ID on the dude on the left though. Everyone looks so smashed besides Spike. Who took this?

  5. Frozen Bubbles at -9 Degrees Celsius Via Angela Kelly

  6. I call this one “Brooklyn Fingers…And Toes” - A Synapse Snap

  7. frank151:

    The late, great #AndyWarhol as captured by another #legendary #Downtown #NewYork fixture, #Maripol | #Polaroid via @PhilVNYC’s #StreetsIsWatching column up now at #FRANK151.com | #PhilV #NYC

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  10. fer1972:

    Photography by Kevin Corrado

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  11. There is (almost) always someone you can point to that was there first:


    Joel Meyerowitz 1981 Street Photography

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  12. This guy @glenefriedman drops so much reality on @Combat_Jack right here. Not for the faint of heart and NSFW.

    Glen Friedman was a pioneering photographer and documentarian of the Dogtown era of the skate world in California. He was also a full-fledged member of and contributor to the same world. Later on, he came into his roll as the west coast representative for Def Jam Records. Glen came up photographing punk bands, The Beastie Boys and numerous other sub-culture crazies like himself. He’s also a vegan of twenty two years, and a very hard person to argue with about anything, as is evidenced by this interview.

    My favorite part is definitely when Glen talks about how he brought slam-dancing back to LA from New York. Oh, and he managed Suicidal Tendencies. No big whoop.

  13. These cats @13thwitness and @NigelSylvester are each beasts in their own right.


    Mad Transit Audacity Starring @NigelSylvester coming very soon… 


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  14. Whoopi Goldberg by Annie Leibovitz

    When I was ten years old, my mom took me to Berkley, Ca to visit our family friends Howie and Jeremy. Howie and Jeremy were married. Howie was a porn star. Jeremy was a sex therapist. I’m 100% serious, and this whole thing is true. There are so many stories I could tell about this trip, but here’s one:

    Whoopi Goldberg was/is a GOOD FRIEND of my family’s friend Howie. I actually saw him interviewed in Whoopi’s Biography on A&E, and was floored. When we went to visit Howie, he took us over to Whoopi’s house. Now, she wasn’t there at the time. This was literally the year “The Color Purple” came out. She was probably shooting it, or doing press for it at the time. Anyway, we went over to Whoopi’s house, and I met her daughter. Her daughter had blue hair. First black person I ever saw with blue hair. Again, I was ten. I always remembered this, as I saw Whoopi’s star rise.

  15. Taking the train to SEX STREET.




    Photo (c) Joe Cav