1. I’m rocking Oakland California @somarbar tonight - Set time is midnight. Let’s light fires on the dance floor.

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  6. Tonight in The Misson SF - Playing the Peaches party with @DJSmokeyRose at #SkylarkBar - Rumptasticness is in the cards.

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  13. August 14, 2014: Pro-Ject / Grind

    The next event I’m helping to produce will be in Chicago »>



    In the spirit of disruption, Pro-Ject is partnering with Grind to bring a unique experience to an elite group of influencers. Grind is a 22nd century platform that’s overturning common office culture and allowing talent to collaborate in a new way: outside the system.

    Together, Pro-Ject and Grind seek to disrupt the current landscape of office culture and how influencers network and engage.  Expect an evening of currated connecting and short presentations by likeminded entrepreneurs avoiding the norm and setting the new standard. 

    Pro-Ject / Grind is by invitation only. A direct link for registration will be enclosed in your invitation. 

    Grind LaSalle, 2 North LaSalle Street, 14th Floor - Chicago, IL

  14. Bill Withers > Smithers from The Simpsons »>


    The #Influence of Bill Withers ~>

    Words by DJ Synapse::

    When I was a small child, Bill Withers was hammered endlessly into my brain by my folks. So much so that later on when I re-discovered his music, it was like opening a long lost treasure. Something you had completely forgotten about. I’m not talking about “Lean On Me” either. Of course it’s one of the greatest songs ever, but his catalog is so unique beyond that. There is this one song, and it’s called “If I Didn’t Mean You Well”. It’s kind of a super funky joint, but it’s also classic rock, folky, maybe even yacht rock. This is the song that always represented Bill’s uniqueness to me. Especially when contrasting it against a “Lean On Me” or “Use Me”.

    But almost better than the music, is the Dashiki and hat (is that a Panama or Jute or what?) this cat is sporting on the album cover that the song appears on. And then just the name of the album: “Naked & Warm”. Everything just screams: YES. We want to be Naked & Warm, and listen to this music while we are. I mean, that’s what the 4th is all about, right? Okay, I’m stretching, and that’s kooky. But let’s definitely take some time out today, and blast some Bill Withers. It’s good for America.

    Happy Birthday Bill Withers! You represent America, humanity, and so much more.

  15. eventjoeproject:

    Connecting brands with artists. The #Influence of DJ Skee ~>

    It’s possible you’ve heard of DJ Skee, and entirely possible that you haven’t. That’s because this highly influential DJ - who has a crazy a knack for marketing, content and business - stays rather under the radar with his brolic industry moves, while flexing his influence and network through his cable TV show, 24 hour radio station, shows on Sirius and Kiss, and his thriving marketing/content company Skeematic.

    Folks that have their eyes and ears on the business and digital side of music though, would be wise to keep an eye on this man and his quiet but mighty enterprise. Fast Company realized this, and just released a feature on Skee, which is long overdue.  With millions of weekly listeners, and over A BILLION media impressions, Skee is the perfect example of someone who’s influence could go unnoticed even by the “media savvy”, but has carved out a space that isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. We see this more and more in the current state of the digital age.

    How DJ Skee Is Re-Inventing What It Means To Be A DJ On Fast Company

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