1. Two thousand years ago, they shot dice made of bone.

  2. This figure was made over four thousand years ago. #Aliens #GettyVilla

  3. Padtastic »>

  4. #GettyVilla so waveamente »>

  5. Trip to The #GettyVilla - This dude was shook, huh?

  6. Focus »>

  7. Bumper Bench

  8. eventjoeproject:

    Thoughts become actions, and actions create #Influence ~>

  9. Thank you @mosaicna @pro_ject1 ( @eventjoe ) @budlight and especially #CrestedButte for having me perform at #UpForWhatever #WhateverUSA - It was something to remember and more.

  10. Man, Colorado was so enlightening. And, is that power line pole floating? #NoFilter

  11. Solid blessing from @kickeraudio by way of @djimpulse - Thanks folks.These things put the BOOM in my weekend.

  12. This party I just played was real. #PrivateJets and everything else paid for for all the guests #UpForWhatever #WhateverUSA

  13. As I sashay out of the wondrous #CrestedButte I am bid adieu in the most fitting manner. #UpForWhatever #WhateverUSA @delachapelle @djevilone @djimpulse @djintel @themusictrust @pro_ject1 Job well done fellas!

  14. It’s kind saucy right now »> #UpForWhatever #WhateverUSA

  15. Today’s office 🌁