1. #AtwaterVillage smoldering with the #Halloween vibes »>

  2. Everyone is dancing to the remix of Das FX of “Mic Checka” because @adambravin aka @djadam12 is on the turntables. Brotha @excelagram on deck. #Afex

  3. Thank you @the_fndtn @tannergoods @brianlheslop #NickWaterhouse - Slamboree for sure right now.

  4. Went to an Art Show last weekend »>


    Pro-Ject made a pilgrimage to Known Gallery on Fairfax in Los Angeles this past Saturday night to witness the SEE LIFE show, with art by Amandalynn, Lady Mags and Tatiana Suarez. In association with The Seventh Letter crew, Known shows (at least) monthly, and always provides inspiration in heaps. 

    The blurb on the show:

    "This trio has been working hard to prepare a select body of work dedicated to the theme of ‘See Life’. The artworks depict the curious nature of the world under and above water, including: creatures, enticing feminine deities, and waves of opulent color. Here are a few preview images of works to be displayed…"

    About Amandalynn:

    "Amandalynn is an artist with an array of expertise in different mediums and applications. She is a long time San Francisco based Muralist, Fine Artist, Conservator, Sign Painter and Designer. Within her fine art, Amandalynn is recognized for her sensual portraits of seductive yet secretive women. Her street art murals reflect similar imagery, which she began painting on the streets of San Francisco in 2001, with the Seventh Letter crew. Amandalynn currently works as a Sculpture Conservation Paint Specialist, using many of her learned techniques from her continued work in the Automotive painting industry."

    About Tatiana Suarez:

    Tatiana Suarez is an emerging Miami based artist and a graduate of Florida International University’s school of Art. Her preferred mediums are watercolor paint with pen and markers, and occasionally oil paint. Her life-long fascination with faces and how human facial features work together to produce a seemingly unending possibility of emotional expression is what inspires her to create unique, vivid, and emotional portraits.

    Suarez’s artwork explores the concepts of duality through the usage of contrasting visual extremes in her work. She achieves this by juxtaposing vividly colored portraits against stark, mostly empty backgrounds and by playing with color anomalies in her work. The contrasting themes present in her work embody femininity and also power, and her portraits are often effeminate yet confrontational.

    She chooses to work primarily with watercolor due to the whimsical nature of the paint – it can be handled gently to produce soft effects and washes, or can be applied boldly and dangerously. The medium can often be unpredictable and, at times, uncontrollable, but with the light touch of a white pen or a black marker the illusion of calm and control can be achieved where there was once chaos. The process in which she works can be described in this way – as a calm chaos. She works from a rough sketch and colors intuitively so that her pieces develop organically and very little of her artwork is pre-planned.”

    Visit Known Gallery

  5. eventjoeproject:

    The Champs are comedians Neal Brennan and Moshe Kasher. It is well known that comedians have the best podcasts, and usually the most popular ones. In this case, you are not only getting the pleasure of gut-bustingly funny dudes, but with guests like Affion Crockett, Pharoahe Monch, Arsenio, Russell Simmons, Chris Rock, Maseo (De La Soul), Russell Peters (he’s the highest paid stand-up comedian), Nicole Richie, Aziz Ansari, John Legend, Hannibal Buress, Porn Star Sasha Grey (with Flying Lotus), Questlove and more, they’re kind of smashing it a lot more than just your average comedian-hosted podcast.

    What’s more, host Neal Brennan was the co-writer of Chapelle Show with Dave Chapelle, and Kasher is a thoroughly accomplished comedian as well.

    Visit The Champs Podcast

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    Our buddies King Fantastic just released their album #TheGreatManTheory - Full on composed music of the highest caliber that just happens to have rap in it. DJ Troublemaker and Reese are constantly progressing, never stagnant.

  7. A very proper edition to my #LightFixturesAtParties series »>

  8. Silverlake Dusk


  9. eventjoeproject:

    Former Pro-Ject presenter Z-Trip just released a mix he did for Tony Hawk’s Demolition Radio Show for FREE DOWNLOAD. Z-Trip is world renowned as a DJ, collaborating with everyone from Nas, Bassnectar, Public Enemy, DJ Shadow, Rakim, Shepard Fairey, EA Sports, The Beastie Boys, Talib Kweli, and is now currently LL Cool J’s DJ.

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    The #Influence of Scrap Metal ~>

    Scrap metal art by BanHunLek

  11. Apparently not supposed to take pictures where I’m at, but it’s just so fly.

  12. Tight business by @alynnpaint here @knowngallery »>

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    The #Influence of technical riders for The Invisible Skratch Piklz reunion set for @foolsgoldrecs #FGDayOff LA event.

  14. This is the latest video that was made about the influencer network that I work with. Pro-Ject is an amazing idea, movement and group of individuals. Please feel free to get in contact with me about getting involved »>


    In the spirit of disruption, Pro-Ject partnered with Grind to bring a unique experience to an elite group of influencers. Pro-Ject / Grind brought together 70 influencers from various industries to connect outside their circle.

    Our event partner, Grind, was the perfect venue to share the Pro-Ject experience. Grind is not just a coworking space but a 22nd century platform that allows talent to collaborate in a new way: outside the system. Together, Pro-Ject and Grind disrupted how influencers network and engage. The evening started with our team of Connectors introducing and connecting influencers through our Pro-Ject ConXtion System.

    Throughout the evening, craft cocktails were generously provided by SVEDKA and performance enhancing snacks via Nick Wernimont, who kicked off the presentations and shared not only delicious foods from his company, Factor75, but emphasized the importance of listening to yourself and your body.

    George Petro of Play Mechanix kicked off our live stream and shared with our audience his story of success in the arcade industry that allowed him to grow a 42 million dollar empire. Afterwards, we heard from the Grind’s Supreme High Exalted Mystic Ruler, Benjamin Dyett. Benjamin shared what it took to find the ethos of Grind and how they took off to disrupt office culture.

    An amazing evening all around to be sure. A special thanks to Stop Time Productions for their beautiful video installations, to DJ de La Chapelle for his music selections, and Coco Vita coconut water for keeping us hydrated throughout.

  15. Arthur C Clarke - Fractals - The Colors Of Infinity