1. Oh yeah, I’m in Mexico »>

  2. And We’re Off

  3. Occasionally Brilliant…Pretty Much

  4. #FBF - The Thing in Greenpoint, BKLN. Many of my New York Diggers know all about this spot.

  5. Playing at this place @TheViperRoom this evening DJing for @4thpyramid - Doesn’t get much more LA.

  6. AKA The Mother Land

  7. One more from the road today #TheBayToLA

  8. The current scene. #TheRoad #California

  9. Hoots out to my dude @zhaldee - Thanks for coming out to @mom_oak last night! Bout time we linked.

  10. Thank you Oakland and The Bay Area for a life enhancing week. Glad to say that rocking a super soul shakedown at @mom_oak (Motown On Mondays) was my last stop. Thanks to @djmalachi Crimson and Technique for the hospitality, and I must say everyone in Oakland and The Bay has been more than vibey and extra connective. After all, it’s all I’m after.

  11. Oakland California, #MotownOnMondays is tonight @legionnairesaloon , and I am the guest DJ. Amped to get extra soulful and fonkay. @mom_oak @djmalachi #DJCrimson

  12. These are the kinds of gifts I am given when I stay with old family friends. When you get put up, you should be the one giving the gifts. So we whipped up a lovely meal, and in return I got this. #Blowfly #Bobblehead - There were VERY FEW of these made. Will be a nice addition to the studio. Backstory: When I first started working @frank151 many years ago, one of my first jobs was to do an interview with Blowfly, and then we threw a party at The Shore Club in Miami which he hosted. This is my life, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

  13. What an honor and pleasure it was to rock with @therealdjapollo @111minnagallery SF last night. Here’s the backstory: When I first started DJing in around ‘95, I lived in Western Mass. There were very few DJs around there that I knew, but some of the only DJs that I DID know came back from NYC with a VHS tape of this movie “Battle Sounds”. It was the first documentary about scratch and battle DJs, and a precursor to the movie “Scratch”. When I watched it, one of the things that most stood out was this guy Apollo describing how the Invisible Skratch Piklz came to be. He was describing @mixmastermike and @djqbert scratching, and going back and forth. “Q-Bert was all fr-fresh fresh, fa fa fa fa fa fa fresh, and then Mixmaster Mike was all Fresh fresh fresh fa fa fa fresh fresh fresh”. The way he described this musical meeting of the minds just always stuck with me. Later on, I met and became friends with John Carluccio (the director of the movie) and @brolicarm (Rob Swift) who was in the film. Then last night, I got to share the turntables with Apollo, and that is how things in my life often come full circle. These are my blessings. Big huge large ups to @franboogie and @randallrufino for making this happen, and to @roycerufino and @djmeilwun for assisting in the rock-shocking of things.

  14. The Bay Bridge is illson

  15. A new kind of selfie