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    Machel Montano dropped by Miss Lily’s Variety this week to kick off Labor Day Weekend in NYC with a special edition of the LargeUp Sessions on RadioLily.com. Words can’t even begin to explain the vibes that ensued from the moment Machel walked in the room! Fortunately, we’ve got pics and audio of the whole thing right here.

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  3. #LockAndKey with the real deal squadron @jen.kay @_junks @mishdogg @nickydaveymusic @toi_box #SinaDreamaWknd »>

  4. These cats @phoreyz @djexpo @breal @cminusfan4 set things ablaze tonight. Farewell Blue Monkey (for now).

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  6. #MoviesYouShouldSee - I have watched a lot of great movies in my days that I mention to people, and they almost all have never seen them. This one was directed by Scorsese. One of his more slept on (along with the Hugo). #AfterHours #GriffinDunne

  7. Scoping out a venue for a wedding I’m DJing in October.

  8. Another one from the @nickydaveymusic show last night. Keep an eye on these folks. @mishdogg got a beast on his hands.

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    A look back at the groundbreaking 2000/2001 “Street Market” book (and art show of the same name).

    Street Market was a collaboration by artists Twist (Barry Mcgee), Espo (Steven Powers) and Reas (Todd James) where they built a true-to-life cityscape inside a warehouse/gallery (Deitch Projects). This included a bodega, slum apartment, and a slew of “signage” and “products” for perusal. Setting both the street and fine-art worlds on their ear, pop, street, graffiti and hip-hop culture were parodied, critiqued, and torn to shreds. Only to be put back together again.

  10. Classic material #StreetMarket #Reas #Espo #Twist

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    The #Influence of The Beastie Boys and their style ~>

    House Of Style Uncut Interview - 1992

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    Happy Birthday to a pioneer of music, style and poetry :: #ElvisCostello #Music #Influence ~>

  13. I belong to a unit. It’s called Pro-Ject ( @pro_ject1 ) :: We connect superhuman forces aka influential folks for everyone’s greater good. Our movement is anchored here »> http://www.pro-ject.is - If you are reading this, you are encouraged to be involved.

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    The beauty, style and #Influence of Low Rider Bicycles ~>

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    Cut paper animation from Jim Henson. This was Pre-Muppets Era. VERY pre, like 1961.

    The #Influence of Jim Henson ~>