1. Guest set at 2pm PST TODAY on @vnsradio @trakliferadio (they have an app). @unique74beats laying down a 45 set and last min guest, the space alien @teekomusic will also be init. I’m doing a sample/foundation/breaks set.

  2. Getting up for the down stroke tomorrow with @vnsradio on @trakliferadio 1-4. Set is at 3pm PST, with an interview right before. Big @unique74beats will be touching turntables as well. Looks like I’ll be doing a sample/breaks type set.

  3. Bonkers model train arrangement right here. Trailer Park and all »>

  4. Light Bringer »>

  5. Memories of yesterday #GettyVilla »>

  6. Ancient glass - #GettyVilla

  7. #Regram - Happy Birthday Baby @jen.kay - The Synapses At #GettyVilla

  8. Two thousand years ago, they shot dice made of bone.

  9. This figure was made over four thousand years ago. #Aliens #GettyVilla

  10. Padtastic »>

  11. #GettyVilla so waveamente »>

  12. Trip to The #GettyVilla - This dude was shook, huh?

  13. Focus »>

  14. Bumper Bench

  15. eventjoeproject:

    Thoughts become actions, and actions create #Influence ~>