1. #MoviesYouShouldSee - I have watched a lot of great movies in my days that I mention to people, and they almost all have never seen them. This one was directed by Scorsese. One of his more slept on (along with the Hugo). #AfterHours #GriffinDunne

  2. Scoping out a venue for a wedding I’m DJing in October.

  3. Another one from the @nickydaveymusic show last night. Keep an eye on these folks. @mishdogg got a beast on his hands.

  4. eventjoeproject:

    A look back at the groundbreaking 2000/2001 “Street Market” book (and art show of the same name).

    Street Market was a collaboration by artists Twist (Barry Mcgee), Espo (Steven Powers) and Reas (Todd James) where they built a true-to-life cityscape inside a warehouse/gallery (Deitch Projects). This included a bodega, slum apartment, and a slew of “signage” and “products” for perusal. Setting both the street and fine-art worlds on their ear, pop, street, graffiti and hip-hop culture were parodied, critiqued, and torn to shreds. Only to be put back together again.

  5. Classic material #StreetMarket #Reas #Espo #Twist

  6. eventjoeproject:

    The #Influence of The Beastie Boys and their style ~>

    House Of Style Uncut Interview - 1992

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    Happy Birthday to a pioneer of music, style and poetry :: #ElvisCostello #Music #Influence ~>

  8. I belong to a unit. It’s called Pro-Ject ( @pro_ject1 ) :: We connect superhuman forces aka influential folks for everyone’s greater good. Our movement is anchored here »> http://www.pro-ject.is - If you are reading this, you are encouraged to be involved.

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    The beauty, style and #Influence of Low Rider Bicycles ~>

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    Cut paper animation from Jim Henson. This was Pre-Muppets Era. VERY pre, like 1961.

    The #Influence of Jim Henson ~>

  11. sesamestreet:

    Question: Do you think kids today would realize that the brown thing in the background is a radio?


  12. thesobsister:

    Ramsey Lewis, Salongo

    A funky masterwork for Lewis.  His turn through the Headhunters’ space.  But produced by Earth Wind & Fire leader Maurice White and producer Charles Stepney of Rotary Connection fame.  So, you know there’s some real jukebox-worthy funk running through here.

    (via konkretejungle)

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    The #Influence of Nikola Tesla ~>

  14. #HollywoodScenes

  15. After Hours